Moving to Berlin

In 2022, I was nominated by the Nigerian Air Force to a position in Berlin, Germany. While this was in some ways a welcome development and a boost to my profile, it did come with several challenges. Moving three children across continents is no small feat!

I had to contend with moving my family during the winter, knowing it would take a period of adjustment, especially for the kids. While they may not have minded much, I had other concerns. Arrangements had to be made for their schooling so they do not miss out on academics during the transition.

The first few months were tough. Adjusting to managing the household without help was particularly challenging, especially as I was (and am) still juggling my full-time job and three academic programs. While my husband was around during the move, he had to return to his work in Abu Dhabi and I was once again alone to hold the fort.

Eventually, I found a help who assisted me with housekeeping and tending the kids during the week. The situation may not be as convenient as it was in Nigeria but we are making adjustments. The kids have been amazing, helping out as much as they can with little tasks around the house too.

Change is constant. Our willingness to adapt is what determines whether we acclimatize in good time or we crash. Time management has been key to keeping it all together the past few months. It has not been all smooth-sailing but as always, we are making the days count and working out the kinks as we move along.

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