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The Anthonia and Declan Egbujiobi Foundation (ANTODEC Foundation)



For several years, I made it a routine to visit orphanages and make donations, anything to help the children. In 2017, I visited the Kuje Correctional Facility in Abuja, Nigeria and had the opportunity to interact with inmates.


Through my conversation with some of the inmates, I realized the startling truth of incarceration in Nigeria…firsthand. Some of the inmates were in detention for crimes they insist they did not commit. Others were behind bars due to their inability to pay fines for minor offenses. Also, some inmates with genuine defenses could not afford representation and as such, were left with no option but to remain in detention.


Upon leaving the facility, I felt a strong need to help. As I lawyer, I knew I could offer my services pro-bono to some of the inmates. Together with several other lawyers (some volunteering and some paid by me), we set out to assist the inmates at the Kuje Correctional Facility, offering legal services and representation. This was the birth of The Anthonia and Declan Egbujiobi Foundation.


Over the years we have diversified our assistance projects. Women Empowerment has always been dear to my heart. Through the ANTODEC Foundation, we have provided financial and material assistance to women in Africa, equipping them with skills to enable them start small business and gain financial independence.


Since 2017, we have executed several outreach programs, including medial outreach programs in Nigeria. We are currently exploring fundraising avenues and opportunities to expand out reach and provide even more assistance to the undeserved in Africa.

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